About the project Let law rule

The Let Law Rule project seeks to convey knowledge about the crisis of the rule of law in Central and Eastern Europe. The Let Law Rule website is available in two language versions (Polish and English) and contains five sections dedicated to Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Belarus. The website gathers information and commentaries on the anti-democratic processes across CEE and juxtaposes them, allowing the reader to compare and understand them better. In order to do so, we show the successive stages of the crisis in understandable analyses, calendars and infographics.

Access to reliable knowledge needed to understand the nature of the rule of law crises in these countries is limited. It is also difficult to find in one place, materials that explain the development of these crises from their origins until now. The Let Law Rule website is an answer to this issue.

The materials gathered here explain in a simple and accessible way the process of subordinating the courts and the media to the ruling parties and its effects. The analysis of this mechanism is a necessary step to build civic awareness and find appropriate solutions to resist illiberal change. This knowledge base gathers information on the successive stages of the crises since 2015. We present them in comprehensible analyses, calendars and infographics.